Venue Spotlight: Chicago History Museum

A question I get asked from time to time: what is YOUR favorite venue for Chicago weddings? The answer is clear and easy for me: the Chicago History Museum is my favorite Chicago wedding venue, hands down

What makes it so special, you ask?


I love the Lincoln Park location and I love the ‘back patio’ where picture perfect ceremonies are regularly held. I love the memorable photos captured on the expansive outdoor stairs, and I love the black and white checkered tile floor.  I love the chandelier that hangs in the Robinson gallery where cocktail hour is held and most importantly, I’ve always loved the staff at the museum (special shout out to Melanie!).  They know what they’re talking about regarding food, decor and what works, they know their venue like the band of their hands, and they’re all around lovely vendor partners!


Bottom line: If you’re looking for a neutral ballroom that can be more formal OR more casual, CHM’s Chicago Room is perfect.  Couples can work successfully with almost any color palette and create a beautiful celebration.

Quick Stats:
Venue: Chicago History Museum
Location: the heart of Lincoln Park, at the corner of Clark and North Avenue
Comfortable Guest Count: up to 180-190 with a band, 240 with a DJ
Venue Rental: $$$
Catering Requirements: clients choose their caterer from a list of 4-6 preferred catering firms
Bar packages are arranged through the Museum
** No flame is allowed in the museum.  ALL votives and other candles must be battery operated.